Machine Tender/Operator - LSR

Position Details:
 Department:LSR - Industrial
 Apply Until:02/05/2013
 Office Hours:3rd Shift 10:45 PM - 7:15 AM Sunday - Thursday
 Division:Minnesota Rubber and Plastics - Litchfield

To manufacture product by tending (monitoring) molding presses, perform process and visual checks, complete necessary paperwork, while meeting efficiency and productivity goals. Must maintain a safe and clean work area and ensure compliance with qualityand environmental standard certification guidelines / requirements.







Tends (monitors) injection molding presses following work instruction WI2-6047, including forms A, D & E, along with supporting documentation such as, APQPs, shop cards, NCMRs, and request forms. Ensures quality operation of the process including adherence to maintenance and cleaning requirements. Must maintain pre-determined efficiency and productivity rates. Must have capability and regularly run 2 - 4 Presses. Efficiency must regularly fall above 90%. Gain experience on 40% of product and have 1 - 3 years equivalent experience as a Tender I.



Prepares and maintains accurate production records and follows MR-Litchfield related procedures (SPC charting, BPCS transactions, NCMR process, shop cards, request forms, proper notes on the MPSF form, weigh scale procedure, etc.)



Perform quality checks including dimensional and visual following noted instructions and request forms. Report press operational or quality issues and leverage the maintenance request and NCMR process where necessary. Must maintain minimum or higher quality requirements to meet or exceed customer requirements. Must maintain good quality with near average scrap levels, rare multishift failures and minimal NCMRs.



Communicates respectfully with all team members in both verbal and written form. Ensures shift change is completed and all questions of oncoming shift are answered. Proper forms are filled out with accurate and appropriate information. Excellent communication within the shift expected.



Troubleshooting to fix operational issues. Assists with other team members on improvement teams. Gives ongoing input to improve upon any aspect within the entire organization. Must provide quick recognition and reaction.



Follows company safety policies and procedures. Maintains a clean work environment including press cleanliness and part containment.



Assists other team members where needed. Must possess positive interaction skills.



Performs other duties and assumes accountabilities as apparent or as delegated, including mutually agreed upon objectives.

This position reports directly to the Shift Supervisor. Works and communicates well with all team personnel. Has very frequent contact with the Operations Manager, Shift Supervisors, shift team members and other individuals from a variety of departments.

Responsible for the production of molded products. Position requires a self-motivated, willing team player to operate one or more presses meeting production and quality attributes.

Background/Experience Preferred:
*Education:High School diploma or equivalent required.
*Experience:1. A self motivated, willing team player to assist in all functions to assure quality and delivery standards are met.
2. Ability to understand and react to changes per SPC data, press and equipment controls and proper set up.
3. Physical capabilities involved with performing all job-related tasks. Must be able to lift/carry 40 pounds.
4. Willingness to initiate and participate in continuous improvement efforts which affects the entire organization.
5. Previous production experience required.

For Further Information Contact:
Marla Wendlandt
HR Manager
45 Precision Dr
Litchfield, MN 55355 or contact your local DEED office

Equal Opportunity Employer